Door Peninsula

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State Highway 57 north out of Green Bay takes passengers through a landscape from a simpler time: it’s dotted with old barns, content cows, cherry trees, and apple orchards. A drive to the shores of the peninsula will lead travelers to various coastal hamlets filled with art galleries, boutiques, and fine eateries—there’s a reason people come here. 

Over the years Door County has evolved from an economy based on logging and commercial fishing to one based on fulfilling vacation dreams, and the county is doing it well. During the peak tourist season the population swells from around 28,000 to a quarter million as people flock to experience Door County’s scenery and hospitality.

Many events take place along the peninsula to honor the area’s heritage. Fish boils are one tasty classic in which Lake Michigan whitefish are boiled along with potatoes and vegetables in seasoned water—the results are delicious.

Ephraim celebrates their Scandinavian heritage through the Fyr Bal Festival in mid-June. There they stoke a large bonfire that represents the burning of the “Winter Witch” and the ushering in of the long summer days. The Door is hopping with activities for residents and visitors alike all throughout the summer and into the fall.

As part of the Niagara escarpment, there are craggy limestone bluffs throughout the peninsula coupled with sand dunes and the rugged waters of Lake Michigan. There are five state parks—Newport, Peninsula, Potawatomi, Rock Island, and Whitefish Dunes—as well as numerous county parks, trails, and twelve lighthouses located on the peninsula. 

Whether it’s fishing the rolling Lake Michigan surf, kayaking, biking, cherry or apple picking, shopping, or simply enjoying the beach while reading a book, it’s tough to imagine being bored in Door County.

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